BL Meet & Greet Decor

BL Meet & Greet Decor

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Event date: 8/30

Delivery date: 8/29

10 Small blue hydrangea centerpieces with silver BL/ESOP sprig = $90

1 Tall centerpiece= $18

16 packs of extra large confetti @$3 each= $48

Custom IG frame = $90

Gluten free dessert sign with frame= $2

Delivery= $25

Deposit = -$50

Total: $223

Break down of Rental fees (included in price)

Small vases: $.50 each

Tall vase: $2


Cost to replace:

Small vases: $4 each

Tall vase: $10



I will have an agreement to be signed at drop off for the rentals.  It just states that if they are not returned or damaged you are responsible for the replacement cost.