Guide to Birthday Party Planning - Step 2: Choosing a Party Date

Tips for picking the perfect date for a birthday party include planning early to secure the preferred venue and ensure attendance from special guests. Other factors to consider include: Checking the availability of key guests, Avoiding major holidays or conflicting events, Considering the age of the birthday celebrant and their schedule, Considering potential weather or seasonal factors that may impact the party
graphic: how to pick a birthday party date
Hey there, party people! I'm back with step two of our 10 Steps to Planning Birthday Party: How to pick your party date. (Here's step one, Setting your party budget, if you missed it) Picking the perfect date for a birthday bash can be a little tricky, but don't worry, I'm here to help you out. My goal is always to help you RELAX and enjoy each celebration by being prepared but not worrying too much about getting everything "right". When it comes to setting your party date there are SO many things to consider but the most important is to focus on the parts that matter most to you. Use your energy there and let the other cards fall where they may.


The best way to make this easy on yourself is to pick your date as far in advance as possible! The earlier you plan, the better chance you have to get the date you want at the venue you'd prefer and have all your special guests attend. Whenever you start planning, these tips will help you choose a date that will have everyone ready to PARTAYYYYY🥳: 

Check the calendar for any holidays or big events. You don't want your party to fall on the same day as a major holiday or event that might interfere with attendance. Plus, you don't want your guests to have to choose between your party and their annual Thanksgiving feast. If you have a birthday in a busy month, say December, pick a date as early as possible! It feels like holiday parties are popping up earlier each year, with invitations starting as early as the day after Halloween. So, make sure to slip in your invite during November!

Consider the guest of honor's schedule. You obviously want the birthday boy or girl to be able to attend their own party, they're kind of a big deal here, so check their schedule for any conflicts. If they have a big soccer game or dance recital coming up, you'll want to plan the party around that.

Ask your VIP guests for their availability. If there are a few key guests that you really want to be there, check with them to see what dates work best. You can use a group chat or online scheduling tool to make it easy.

Confirm the Venue's Availability.If you're not hosting the event at your home, make sure to cross-check the availability of the venue with the information you've already gathered. If there is a scheduling conflict, consider finding an alternative venue or selecting a backup date/time.


Think about the weather. If you're planning an outdoor party, you'll want to choose a date when the weather is likely to be nice. Keep an eye on the forecast and plan accordingly. Have a back up plan! For example, if you're planning a winter birthday party and you love in New England, consider a snow date. Or a rain date for an April, outdoor party.

Go for a date that's easy to remember. If you want your party to stand out, pick a date that's memorable, like a palindrome day (e.g. 3/20/2023) or a fun holiday like Star Wars day, May the Fourth. Then you have a theme built in as well!

Don't forget about the weekend. Most people are more available on weekends, so consider planning your party on a Friday or Saturday night. That way, everyone can let loose without worrying about getting up early the next day. If you're planning a party for a school age child or high schooler, don't forget sports and activities. Lots of families have sports and activity commitments Saturday mornings and afternoons so if you'd like a big crowd, consider a different time of the weekend.

Ultimately, there are a lot of things to consider when picking a birthday party date but the most important consideration is making sure the guest of honor has fun celebrating. Ask your self: what would be the best experience? Usually, that's making sure best friends and close family can have a good time at a fun venue. Everything else is just gravy. It is not your job to pick a date that works for the entire class of twenty or all your second cousins twice removed.
With these tips, you're sure to pick a date that will have everyone excited for the big day.


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