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  • Guide to Birthday Party Planning - Step 2: Choosing a Party Date

    Tips for picking the perfect date for a birthday party include planning early to secure the preferred venue and ensure attendance from special guests. Other factors to consider include: Checking the availability of key guests, Avoiding major holidays or conflicting events, Considering the age of the birthday celebrant and their schedule, Considering potential weather or seasonal factors that may impact the party
  • Guide to Birthday Party Planning - Step 1: Setting your Budget

    When planning a birthday party, it's important to set a realistic budget and prioritize each element of the party. The 7 essential parts of planning the budget are: venue, guest list, invitations, cake, food and drinks, decorations and party favors, and entertainment. To keep costs down, consider hosting the party at home or a public park, making your own food and drinks, shopping for supplies at discount stores, and keeping the guest list small. Remember to leave room for miscellaneous expenses and have fun!
  • 10 Step Guide to Planning a Birthday Party

    10 Step Guide to Planning a Birthday Party

    Planning a memorable birthday party involves determining a budget, choosing a theme, selecting a venue, creating a guest list, planning activities and games, choosing decorations, and deciding on food and drinks. A themed party based on the birthday person's interests or favorite colors can add a unique touch to the celebration. Inviting guests in advance is important to allow them to RSVP, and having enough food and drinks for all guests is essential...